About Us

Designed by tradesmen for trades businesses, Vixit is a disruptive solution that is changing the face of the construction industry. On-site-only services are a thing of the past. Online is your new market.

Offer your own branded pay-per-minute video chat application to your customers today!


Vixit – a new way of doing the same old job!

Your industry is changing… Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, technology had begun to play a more and more important role in traditionally face-to-face professions. From accounting packages to job management software, and even lead generation CRMs, tech is becoming a normal part of our day to day lives and the careers we choose.

Vixit takes this to the next level and solves a problem that most businesses face where “Knowledge is the commodity”. Your customers are interested in your knowledge of their problem. They want you to help them, and would love for this knowledge transfer to be free. How many times have you guided a customer through a problem over the phone and kicked yourself afterwards because you essentially ‘helped them fix if for free’.

Offer the right advice. Help your customer. Get paid for it!

Vixit is the only white-label software as a service product that turns this remote knowledge transfer into a workable business model. Utilise Vixit to revolutionise the way you triage, diagnose and quote for jobs.