Provide your physical services online with your own app. Boost your uptime via paid video calls with Vixit!

Lockdown isn’t a blocker for your business. The need for appliance repair, replacement, and troubleshooting has only increased, and a totally new market is open for you.

Provide your services online via your branded pay-per-minute video chat tool when physically visiting customers is restricted. Expand your services regardless of the location with a brand new, shiny, branded app that your customers can use to connect with your engineers.

Vixit was created to provide a paid virtual solution for:

Minor issues
and diagnostics

Appliance maintenance
and troubleshooting


and support

Why Vixit?

No more free advice

Get paid for supporting your

customers virtually

Full flexibility

Your employees can provide services from

any place with the internet at any time

Complete customer satisfaction

A quick and effective response to

emergencies and other issues

Boost in uptime

No travel time and parts sourcing.
Only paid effective communication

No overheads

Only a phone and an Internet connection

are needed. No overheads or running costs

100% branded

Seamless user experience as if your app

was custom-built from the ground up

How does it work?

1. Sign up and set up your company profile

2. Add your engineers to the system

3. Set rates and availability

4. Provide your customers with
a link to your app

5. Start receiving paid video calls

6. Automatically send a job report with photos and invoice on completion


Provide a virtual experience for your customer
as if your engineer was on-site physically

In-App Messenger if your customer has a poor
connection or accessibility requirements

Automated Paperless invoicing and
job reporting on call completion

Fixed price or PPM
flexible payment models