Carry out remote guidance for self-repairs, and maintenance using Vixit!

Launch your own mobile app for providing automotive services online. Your industry is changing so get ahead of the curve! Provide customers in need with instant access to your skilled technicians with our cutting-edge paid video-call solution.

Join Vixit today to start serving your customers online tomorrow!

Vixit is created to provide remote guidance on

car issues




Why Vixit?

Ready-to-go turnkey solution

No coding or technical knowledge

required to get set up

Full flexibility

Your employees can provide services from

any place with the internet at any time

Complete customer satisfaction

A quick and effective response to

emergencies and other issues

100% branded

Seamless user experience as if your app

was custom-built from the ground up

Nationwide services in an instant

Now you can provide automotive service and maintenance services remotely with your own paid video call app

No overheads

Only a phone and an Internet connection

are needed. No overheads or running costs

Boost in uptime

No travel time and parts sourcing.

Only paid effective communication

How does it work?

1. Sign up and set up your company profile

2. Add your engineers to the system

3. Set rates and availability

4. Provide your customers with
a link to your app

5. Start receiving paid video calls

6. Automatically send a job report with photos and invoice on completion


Provide a virtual experience for your customer
as if your engineer was on-site physically

In-App Messenger if your customer has a poor
connection or accessibility requirements

Automated Paperless invoicing and
job reporting on call completion

Fixed price or PPM
flexible payment models